Giving Thanks: The 5 best Websites to Support your Gratitude Practice


What better time of year to strengthen the practice of gratitude than a holiday designed in its honor. Gratitude is a state, and it is a practice. Research has shown that just the act of attending to what you are grateful for is enough to bolster your sense of well-being and even some health indicators! Gratitude is healing because it can fill in and support you when hope seems to fail.  Gratitude builds hope. Below is a list of websites to help you expand and deepen your practice of gratitude and give you some tools and new ideas. They are 5 websites you can truly be grateful for!

This website has gratefulness news, articles, practices and poetry. gives you a place to support your gratefulness habits. There are also e-courses and a newsletter you can sign up for.

At Thankfulfor you can set up your own gratitude journal --and strengthen your daily practice. (or you could just buy a cheap notebook, but I don't have a link for that :)

Unstuck is a website and an app that gives you insight and tools to tap in to your gratitude and power.

To support their 5.6 million dollar initiative, Expanding the Science and Practice of Gratitude, Berkley and Davis have teamed up to give you this informative website. It gives you research, science, public education initiatives, and resources. You can even take a gratitude quiz!

On Welovegratitude you can read gratitude lists from others to inspire you and warm your heart—and you can create lists for others—and add to the well of gratitude.